Podcasting: Building a Brand

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Hal Schild
Arielle Nissenblatt
Josh Dudley
Louise Salas

Missing Link, an emerging podcast media company, shares their insights and first-hand knowledge of creating brands by leveraging the fastest growing media platform that is podcasting.

We will explore many aspects of podcasting that can help determine if it’s the right platform for your brand.
• Why podcasting?
• Is there room for yet another podcast?
• Creating and developing a brand voice, literally
• You have a subject-matter expert now what?
• How do you produce the best content?
• What are the best practices to launch and maintain your show?
• How do you extend a brand’s market reach with an integrated media approach?

The current podcasting space is much like the Wild, Wild West, so after the session if you still have questions, we will be happy to answer what we can.